Trick weight-saving items:

Kellerman Micra LED signals

Stock '01-up passenger pegs, whittled

Aluminum clutch throwout race and
machined pusher

Some creative machining on seat lock assy. 95.4g vs 85.9g

Front lock detail

Stock clutch pushrod

Ti pushrod with hardened steel tip

Upper rad shroud spacer stock

...and in aluminum

Swingarm by Cmikimoto, Pivot by Rhino105 stk 497g, modded 339g

Spacer for left rear motormount

Remove seat cover liner, save 79.4g

Ti sprocket spacer

Stock master bracket

Massaged master bracket

Stock & Ti seat bkt 89.3g vs 30.5g

Fresh from the waterjet in Ti

Ignition coil hardware

Aluminum hdwre w/longer aluminum spacers  & plastic nuts

Rr mount spacer and oil pipe not finished

Oil pipe finished

Handmade tool for czechin' rod bolt stretch

Proto rr bkt, Tealdo bkt, 224g vs 174g

Aluminum clutch slave piston, 69.9g vs 19.4g

Cibie headlight in lightened bkts, 680g vs 583g. Headlight ring 294g vs 251g.

Another view. Complete 1809g vs 1587g

Another...aluminum hdwre

Another view

Blk is stock fairing bkt, 690g vs 584g

Glassbeaded is lightened

...just time, that's all...

Temp gauge

Temp gauge

Water temp gauge a la Kwick

Prototype Tipover install

Spring 46g vs 23g

Ti Kickstand, 599g vs 165g. ZX9 shifter heim 103.3g vs 49.6g. Mikuni rearsets

Ti kickstand welding detail. Ti hardware 43g vs 23g

ZZR1200 Clutch cover, 1347g stk vs 1103g

Lightened passenger footpeg assy

Other side. Carbon hanger 130.8 vs 54.3

Manual pet cock

Heh, Heh :-)

1200 waterpipe w/o frame mount

BrakeTech Superlight ductile iron rotors 18oz lighter/pair. 'Busa calipers 977g ea vs 808g ea

Ohlins dampener on HyperLeaker brackets

Pazzo shorty levers, shaved cap, aluminum mirror stalk w/Ti studs

Vortex cap, 11 oz lighter

Ted's fingers, Moko oil hoses, Goodridge bolts

Lightened oil pipe

Vortex ft sprocket, Ti nut, Ti swingarm bolt 749g vs 429g

Modded CRF450R rr master

Ti hose clamps


Whittled grab handles

Aluminum exhaust flanges

Hagen bars

Euro headlight switch

Aluminum Flanges 186g Ti exh studs 103.6g vs 56.2g

Ted's fingers 173.9g for mine (hand-cut) vs 91.9g

Ti spacers

Handmade Ti spools 24.8g vs 37.3g  for PitBull ones

ZZR1200 Clutch cover thru the mill, 1347g stk vs 1103g

Stock Master assy:  263g
CRF450R Master w/Ti pushrod: 130g
Stock Caliper/Hanger/Spacer assy: 1494g
Brembo Caliper/Hanger/Spacer set: 780g
Total Weight Stock: 1,757g
Total Weight Modded: 910g
Weight savings: 847g, or 29.87 ounces Minus 50g from the Tealdo-modded bracket!

HyperPlates aluminum Clutch Steels

Waterjet Ti plate 33.8g vs 14.8g

Valve cover after the mill
1842g vs 1717g

Top, with thin aluminum plates


Another view

CNC'd fins and inner machining, 22.6 lbs vs 21.4 lbs

Other end

Ti front sprocket nut, 39.1g vs 22g

Underside relief for lock washer


...I'm sick! Brake pin in Ti Aluminum "Steels" One on right has 14,400 miles, ZERO wear!!
The Rear End Collision:
The Rebuild in Ti:  
The rebuild:
If you ever swap a frame, the easiest way is to lay the motor on it's side...

Everyone asks: Acrylic Enamel, baked.

190 /50 rear

Repainting process, DeBeers Urethane

Looking like a bike again...